COELAN Industrial Services

Our experience and flexibility enable us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers. As supply specialists, we serve clients from many industry areas that need management services that put you in control without the stress of figuring out every last detail.

PREMAPRO has earned its reputation by serving our industrial clients’ needs with top quality products that provide unique solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. PREMAPRO aims to provide all areas of industry with high quality products.


As a supply specialist, PREMAPRO is the exclusive importer of top engineering products and recognized brands like COELAN Boat Coating. Further Premapro is supplier of NautiChem military grade WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive. Coatings, adhesives and sealing compounds provided by PREMAPRO are among the world’s mostly highly rated solutions. Our products yield a substantial cost savings to manufacturing and other industries, thanks to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor. PREMAPRO supplies industry with ultra long-life boat paint and coatings, non-aging sealing compounds, strong and durable glues and adhesives, and high quality tools and equipment.

Each of our flagship products has been independently tested and evaluated and found to be far superior to traditional alternatives.

COELAN Boat Coatings are among the best wood coating products on the market. They out-perform and outlast other high-quality varnishes, and do not require re-coating for many years

It is our goal to be flexible in serving the special requirements of our clients in manufacturing and other areas of industry, and to be able to offer individual top quality engineering solutions for any problem. We provide tailor-made solutions whether you need the supply of a specific product or you are looking for a sustainable solution that meets your special requirements.

To discuss your needs and details of your project please contact us.